What is the most popular cologne for men?

Picking the most popular cologne for men in this day and age is far more difficult than one can imagine. Every fashion brand has its own range of options and now sports brands also contribute to plethora of cologne choices available in the market today. To help you out we have compiled a list of some essential colognes for your collection and these are some of the most popular colognes for men in the world.

What is the most popular cologne for men?

Coming up with a single answer was difficult, however, through internet research and survey we have identified and narrowed down the field of options for the most popular cologne for men:

1. Calvin Klein Eternity:

The well known fashion house of Calvin Klein is best known for its undergarments but this scent will certainly make you a fan of their colognes as well. The beautiful citrus color of this cologne will refresh your eyes even before you smell it. The fresh woody tones with hint of citrus and fresh cucumber makes this classic and one of the most popular colognes for men all around the world. (Price $30 – $40)

2. Calvin Klein Obsession:

Another amazing scent from the house of Calvin Klein is the obsession range. The original was launched in 1987 and this has been a popular cologne for men ever since. The classic cologne bottle it is packaged in pays a fitting homage to this timeless cologne. The scent is a moderate spicy fragrance which balances citrus with musky undertones. The dominant notes of mandarin will be noticed quite easily and hints of musk, sandalwood and amber will also be noticed later on. This scent is definitely appealing to most and the resonant fragrance it provides makes this one of the best perfumes for men. (Price $40 – $50)

3. Ralph Lauren – POLO RED:

Any cologne from the house of Ralph Lauren is going to be top quality and the Polo Red, signed by Olivier Gillotin is no exception. The composition starts with red grapefruit infused with cranberry and Italian lemon. This opens up into notes of red saffron, red sage and lavender with hints of hot amber and coffee beans. The spicy, woody character of this scent is a perfect way to represent the strength and masculinity that its users are trying to portray. It is a must for every cologne collection and is a currently one of the best perfume for men in the world. (Price $50 – $100)

4. Dolce & Gabbana – The One Sport:

Inspired by the sports of ancient Greece and Rome, this scent comprises of some unmistakable scents of the region. The entire packaging shows the elegance from which it is inspired but bold lines also remind you that it comes from strength. Soft notes of rosemary and the freshness of the ocean are the initial scents which all open into more notes that feature sequoia wood and short bursts of cardamom. The base notes are Patchouli and musk and they finish off this scent to give it a balanced and complete smell. This quality scent from such a quality brand makes it must have in our list of best perfumes for men. (Price $50 – $60)